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When clients ask us to develop a brand for them, it often brings into focus that the word “brand” means different things to different people. Many people use the word brand interchangeably with the word logo and view them as one in the same. The fact of the matter is that your brand is much more than just your logo. If done right, your brand is your EVERYTHING.

Yes, your logo is a key component to your brand. It’s a visual representation of who you are. But brand extends far beyond logo. Your brand is your social media. Pinterest… Facebook… Twitter… Instagram. It’s your employees and how they interact with your customers. Brand is also your words, from individual emails to your blog to a monthly newsletter. Whether looking at this from the perspective of an individual or a corporation, brand truly is anything and everything that has to do with you.

Visually speaking, your brand starts with a great logo that reflects who you are. Your logo is the face of your company. As such, it’s critical that it creates a lasting impression of who you are and what you do. The typography, graphic elements, color, etc., all need to work together seamlessly as they will affect how your customers perceive you. When it comes to designing (or redesigning) your logo, no detail is too small. All details should be considered with great thought, and all design decisions weighed carefully.

Once your logo is established, the other elements of your brand can use it as a jumping off point. Your social media, your communications – they branch out from here to further complete your brand with your logo as the anchor. They are all interrelated and rely on each other for brand success.

When you view brand in this context, you quickly see how and why the concept of brand consistency came about. Simply put, you want everything that is attached to put forward the same message. You brand needs to permeate every aspect of your business.